Peacekeeping in Polarized Times: HR’s Role in Navigating Political Debates and Triggering Topics


In-Person and Virtual Tuesday 06/25/2024 12:30 PM – 01:30 PM
Tracks: Inclusion, Equity & Diversity, Workplace Culture, Empathy & Work Life Integration

Bernadette Jones, SHRM-SCP

Bernadette Jones is a highly respected and engaging trainer with a mission to empower leaders and transform workplace cultures. With over 25 years of strategic HR experience and training, Bernadette has successfully impacted the lives of thousands of individuals and hundreds of organizations. Her expertise is helping nonprofits and for-profits align their cultures with their missions, visions, and values while ensuring compliance and employee performance contribute to strategic goals. As co-founder and CEO of Visionova HR Consulting, Inc., Bernadette has developed and presented workshops and seminars nationwide since 2012. Her signature training includes “Respect in the Workplace Starts with Me series”

Bernadette’s leadership in Visionova’s involvement with SHRM’s National HR Registered Apprenticeship Program exemplifies her forward-thinking and dedication to nurturing HR talent and enhancing workplace environments. Her educational background from California State University Hayward and multiple HR certifications, including SPHR and SHRM-SCP, underline her deep knowledge and HR management skills. With her high energy and passion for learning and development, Bernadette continues to find innovative solutions for organizations of all sizes.


ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION NorCal Lunch and Learn Facilitated Discussion


In-Person Monday 06/24/2024 12:00 PM – 12:45 PM
Track: Leadership & Personal Growth

Bernadette Jones, SHRM-SCP

Intended Audience: Early Career, Mid-Level, Senior-Level

Join the SHRM NorCal Lunch and Learn to connect with members of the Northern California Community and participate in a small group discussion on a variety of topics facilitated by SHRM24 speakers from the San Francisco Bay Area. Grab your boxed lunch and join us for the lunch hour!

Small group discussion facilitators and topics:

  • Networking Best Practices (Facilitator: Arun Bedi)
  • How to navigate through challenging times (Facilitator: Bernadette Jones)
  • California accommodations (Facilitator: Anthony Isola)
  • AI HI in employment law (Facilitator: Eric DeWames)
  • Best Practices for California HR Professionals (Facilitator: Trisha Zulic)
  • HR Career Strategies (Facilitator: Mike Letizia)
  • Employee Relations and managing a multigenerational workplace (Facilitator: Chris Rodman)
  • How are you infusing more fun and play into your work (Facilitator: Jeff Harry)

HR Insights For Non-HR Leaders

Bernadette Jones, SHRM-SCP, HR Consultant to nonprofits and for profit organization has more than 25 years in HR leadership, coaching, training and experience supporting dozens of nonprofits and dozens more for profit organizations. Her method is refreshingly simple. While Bernadette doesn’t promise overnight transformation into an HR expert, she offers thoughtful sessions that progressively enhance your knowledge, skills, and successes.

A Call to Action for Non-HR Leaders
My call to action is simple: If you find yourself a non-HR leader charged with HR responsibilities, don’t merely look to survive the transition—strive to excel in it. This HR workshop is not just an opportunity—it’s a necessity in the scope of the modern leadership landscape. Each session is tailored to the class’s needs, incorporating real-time feedback and addressing your unique and challenging questions.

Engage with the HR Insights for Non-HR Leaders Masterclass
Remember, leadership is not about your position but your influence. The potential impact on your team is vast. Take hold of it with both hands and lead with knowledge, empathy, and confidence. Your team deserves it. The HR Insights For Non-HR Leaders Workshop offers more than knowledge—it delivers transformation. Participants develop a newfound confidence that extends beyond the classroom. Success stories from within participants’ organizations demonstrate the tangible impact of their learning journeys.

Past Events

SHRM NorCal Annual Conference 2023
Join us in Sonoma County for the 2023 SHRM Northern California Annual Conference & Exposition. By attending, you’ll gain the tools and resources you need to implement successful HR practices.

October 1 – 3, 3023
Santa Rosa, CA

Apprenticeships in Action: The Ultimate Win/Win!

Interested in a career in HR? Learn about SHRM Foundation’s Human Resource Registered Apprenticeship Program (HR RAP). It provides employers with a proven talent development solution for onboarding or upskilling HR Specialists. It also provides apprentices with a cost-effective and efficient point of entry into a well-developed career pathway in HR.

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SHRM NorCal Emerging Professionals Community Virtual Event for those Entering the field of HR 

Thursday, September 14, 2023,  4:00 to 5:30 pm

Event Overview

Our Emerging Professionals Committee EXISTS to build strong and impactful connections in our vibrant HR community.    Our next event on Thursday, September 14th  invites emerging professionals, college students and anyone interested in investigating or building an HR career  to meet HR professionals who will share their know-how in key HR functions of: Talent & Acquisition/Recruiting,  HR Generalist, and DEI. They will share insights and ideas you may explore in your own education or career.

To register for this FREE event on the SHRM NorCal website you will be asked to identify your role in the meeting as a Mentee (newer to the HR field and gaining your space), or a Mentor (you have HR experience under your belt, and want to share your insights during the event).  Please select Mentee or Mentor as you register to set up your role for the event.

We promise it will be a fun way to network! We look forward to seeing you there!

This exciting event is designed to give those new to HR a comprehensive glimpse into the evolving world of Human Resources.

Take a front-row seat to:

🔸 Learn the strategies that are revolutionizing Talent Acquisition.
🔸 Gain essential knowledge from proven HR Generalist experiences.
🔸 Discover the impactful role of DEI in creating an inclusive and fair work environment.

Immerse yourself in the field of HR like never before. Expand your network, enhance your understanding, and equip yourself with actionable insights to jump-start your journey in HR.

Ready to kickstart your HR journey? Secure your spot now! Register at and be part of SHRM NorCal’s Virtual HR Roundtable designed specifically for emerging HR professionals, HR students, and aspiring HR enthusiasts. Let’s shape the future of HR, hand in hand! 🔥

HR’s Role in Navigating Political Debates and Triggering Topics

Program Description:

Misinformation has intensified political discussions and triggering conversations in the workplace. Contentious and hostile conversations often overshadow diverse opinions and jeopardize inclusive workplace cultures. We’ll explore the challenges and solutions of navigating sensitive discussions using hands-on exercises. Attendees will gain a comprehensive guide to establishing respect, setting boundaries, and balancing personal beliefs and a respectful work environment.

Workplace Application:

This presentation equips HR professionals and leaders with tips and tools to skillfully navigate and address triggering topics and political debates in the workplace.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Strategies to Navigate Complex Conversations: Equip HR professionals and leaders with tools and techniques to manage situations where political discussions veer into uncomfortable or potentially harassing territories.
  2. Understanding the Importance of Respect and Inclusion: Participants will learn about respecting diversity of opinion while ensuring a respectful and inclusive workspace.
  3. Role of HR in Guiding Discussions: Equip managers with the skills to be mindful of their conversations and understand the influence of their authority.
  4. Setting Boundaries: Participants will learn strategies to set clear boundaries, encouraging employees to avoid potentially triggering topics and ensuring no one is forced into uncomfortable discussions.
    Legal Landscape of Political Discussions at Work: An overview of how the First Amendment interacts with private workplaces and the role of the National Labor Relations Act in workplace discussions about wages, hours, or working

About our Speaker:

Bernadette Jones, SHRM-SCP

Bernadette Jones is a respected and engaging trainer who has developed and presented nationwide workshops and seminars since 2012. Course titles include “Culture-Reset”; “Igniting Intentionally Inclusive Culture™,” which focuses on harassment prevention; and “Respect in the Workplace Starts With Me™,” her signature training.

As a certified human resource professional with over 20 years of HR, leadership and business experience, she has an appreciation for the impact “culture-first” HR initiatives have on an organization’s results as well as the need for simplicity and cost-effectiveness to ensure positive results.