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Your Full-Featured HR Support Center

Get Ready To Experience HR In A Whole New Way

HR Alliance: Full of Features

HR Onsite Consulting Service

Our Alliance service not only includes the “On Demand” and “HR Support Center but it also includes an onsite certified HR professional. Do you need training and development? Are you at capacity and need a hand? Then we are here for your. Our HR professionals allow you to devote more time to working on your business; focusing on missions, programs and bottom-line growing activities.

Dedicated HR Pro

With HR Alliance, you will be partnered with a dedicated HR Pro who will help ensure that your businesses is HR compliant, then work with you to build long-term HR strategies. They’ll develop an HR Action Plan, conduct regular onsite or virtual meetings with you, develop custom materials, and train you on key HR functions, practices, and rules.

HR Strategy Planning

For businesses today, compliance is only half the HR story. Once the compliance issues are addressed, HR Alliance shifts focus from protection to value creation. Our HR Pro will develop strategic tools to help foster a productive, efficient workplace, attract and retain great employees, and build a company culture that accomplishes your business goals.

HR Navigator

You will build your own HR toolkit and never misplace key HR documentation with HR Navigator. It‘s your all-in-one compliance workbook, categorized into easy-to-find sections. HR Navigator keeps your HR paperwork and plans all in one place, so you can easily and quickly find the information you need.


Experience HR in an entirely new way with HR Pro Mobile.

HRProMobile is the first mobile app designed to help you navigate your HR compliance and employee management issues. HRProMobile puts our team of HR Professionals at your  fingertips – and helps keep you out in front of your HR issues – anytime, anywhere. And it’s free! The app gives you instant access to your HR Support Center tools and features, whenever and wherever you need them.

Packed With Features to Make HR Easier

Ask the Pro lets you submit questions directly to our HR Pros from your mobile device, and view your responses on the go.

Instant eAlerts keep your on top of legal changes that may affect their workplace.

Quick Guides and Checklists give you an at-a-glance view of the most common HR issues, including Hiring, Performance Management, Employee Relations, and more.

Q&A Live Streaming lets you see what HR issues are trending by viewing real questions submitted to our HR Pros and the answers they give in response.

HRCasts allows you to listen to podcasts developed by our HR pros, designed to offer tips, information and best practices to help you better manage your business and employees.



The HR Support Center features a wide selection of in-depth HR training. Topics range from Health Care Reform to Hiring & Terminations to Performance Management, and more. All training programs are specially designed and delivered by our certified HR Professionals.

If you need a fast way to get up to speed on a particular HR topic, our Quick Guides have them covered. They provide an at-a-glance summary of the most common HR areas, including Hiring, Health Care Reform, Wage & Hour, Employee Relations, and more.

Our HRCasts are developed by our HR Professionals and provide in-depth HR information, tips, and best practices to help you better manage your business and employees. They’re available anytime, so you can listen to them at work, or even on your commute home.

e-Alerts State and Federal e-Alerts keeping you up-to-date on legal and regulatory changes that may affect your businesses. These alerts are sent to you automatically — and are tailored to your selected states.

Employee Handbooks Starting in early 2015, our new Handbook Wizard will make it easier than ever for you to build a comprehensive and compliant employee handbook – at no extra charge. It’s a powerful tool for you to communicate organization’s values, culture, and vision.

HR Snapshot These weekly, emails give you an inside look at the advice our HR Professionals give on trending HR topics. From Health Care Reform changes to employee management best practices, HR Snapshot is a quick and convenient way to stay informed about HR issues.

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