What can happen if you DON’T have a great employee handbook

What can happen if you DON’T have a great employee handbook

When working with nonprofits, I’m always on the lookout for employee handbooks that have red flags and might lead to major HR or legal problems down the road.

There are a few things that can take your nonprofit—and all your hard work—down fast.

Does your employee handbook set the stage for a new hire to fit in? Or will they have to figure it out on their own?

What about employee claims? Does your handbook provide a place for employees to get resolution or will they need to turn to expensive outside agencies like the DOL?

Does your handbook cover the ever-changing state and federal laws, or does it leave room for confusion and possible lawsuits?

On the other hand, an employee handbook that gives your employees everything they need to feel clear about the policies and expectations is like gold.

The Secret

A great employee handbook can be the secret to an out-of-this-world nonprofit… but every one of the successful organizations I know will tell you that you have to know how to navigate this area the smart way.

And you have to learn the rules. Quite a lot of rules, actually, including Wage & Hour and Leave Laws.

It’s a lot to master, and you don’t have room for trial-and-error.

But you don’t have to worry about that. I want to help you shorten the learning curve so you can focus on your nonprofit’s mission—and be sure that you and your employees are covered.

That’s why I’m excited to share the workshop, “How to write a culture-first employee handbook & HR best practices for nonprofits” with you.

It reflects the current HR realities and gives you a solid foundation for creating an employee handbook that covers all the bases—and then some.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll learn:

  • How to avoid the minefields, pitfalls, and shortcomings in employee handbooks so you can avoid them.
  • The no-fail way to write a handbook that sets you up to keep your best and brightest employees.
  • Tips to eliminate the confusion and inconsistencies that result when handbooks are silent on important topics like leaves, timekeeping requirements, hours of work, pay periods—or any of the other handbook essentials.

Join me on July 18th at the Oakland Chamber of Commerce. Space is limited. Secure your spot by registering here.

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