Factors of Success

Think of all the employee-related relationship problems you’ve observed and experienced. Whether you considered them as trivial annoyances or business-killers, such problems often result from three factors. By recognizing these factors and understanding how to avoid them, you can dramatically improve your employee relations.

  • poor knowledge
  • poor communication
  • poor recognition


As the employer, you need to know your legal HR obligations and accountabilities or, at the very least, the resources at your disposal to get such information. Staying up-to-date with current employment laws and applying best practices in areas such as performance coaching and conflict resolution enables a manager to become a more effective leader. If ever an employee feels isolated, claims of unfair treatment can quickly erupt—a situation all managers need to know how to quickly and effectively diffuse and resolve. Using a trusted online resource or consulting a business peer also can help significantly improve one’s managerial skills and confidence.
Understanding the limitations of your role as business owner, manager, or HR point person is equally important. The contribution you can make is to blend knowledge of legal HR issues with your awareness of the business initiatives and goals. Towards becoming a great leader, though, the manager must understand the diverse needs of his or her employees and develop a culture that encourages and respects dialogue and accountability.